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Open since 1986, SOCAL VACUUM & JANITORIAL focuses on the needs of our customers, both for home and commercial use. Today, SoCal Vacuum & Janitorial & is a complete supplier of Orange County vacuum and janitorial supply products (www.socaljanitorial.com).

SOCAL VACUUM & JANITORIAL is California’s largest and most complete outlet for new vacuum cleaners. We have the largest selection of vacuums with over 200 on display. Prices range from $19.95 for some handheld models, to $1300.00 for some of the finest vacuums available today. We sell most major brands and service nearly all vacuums made. We offer uprights, canisters, central vacuums, stick vacuums, backpacks, shampooers, and carpet sweepers.

When you visit the SOCAL VACUUM & JANITORIAL we will spend time with you to determine YOUR specific needs. (Choosing a Vacuum) Based on our knowledge and your responses, we will make 3 or 4 recommendations so that the 200 choices don’t overwhelm you. We will explain each one, demonstrate it for you if you wish, and let you try it yourself to see if it feels right to you. Then you will be able to make the BEST choice for you and your family based on your unique and specific needs.

When you purchase a vacuum from the SOCAL VACUUM & JANITORIAL we provide service at our location for every vacuum cleaner that we sell and for almost every brand. We complete your service in one business day 98.7% of the time. We carry the largest inventory of bags, belts, filters and unique repair parts to accomplish this objective and to serve YOU!!!

Since many homeowners have become more interested in “do-it-yourself” home maintenance, we offer a variety of equipment for cleaning and restoring your floors. We rent carpet extractors and professional grade chemicals to deep clean your carpets. If you need to scrub your tile, pavers, or concrete floors we rent professional floor machines of various sizes to do this job. If you need to restore the brilliance and shine of your marble floors, rent a floor machine and a steel wool pad from us to bring your floor back to life.

For all of our customers, the need for competent, quick and reliable equipment repair has been an important part of the service we provide. We carry a large inventory of repair parts for vacuums, commercial cleaning equipment (floor machines, auto scrubbers, burnishers, extractors, etc), and truck mounted systems.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new vacuum, repair your old vacuum, or buy parts, cleaning supplies, commercial cleaning equipment or professional carpet cleaning supplies in Orange County, we look forward to meeting your needs.

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