Your Carpet's Biggest Enemy Quiz

Your Carpet’s Biggest Enemy Quiz

What is the Biggest Enemy of Your Carpets?

A. Chlorine Bleach
B. Red Wine
C. Pet Urine
D. Dry Soil
E. All of the Above
F. None of the Above

Let’s make sure that we are clear—none of the things listed above are a friend of your carpets, but the correct answer is the following:

D. Dry Soil – Dry soil is highly abrasive and, if left in your carpets, will rub across the surfaces of the carpet fibers and break down the factory embedded stain protection. The abrasion will further dull the appearance of your carpet and make your multi-thousand dollar flooring investment wear and require replacement much sooner than would otherwise be necessary. Carpets can often be found to hold as much as 4 times their weight in dry soil embedded deeply in the carpet. It is estimated that nearly 80% of all soil is dry particulate. How to get this dirt out of your carpet? The best means of removing that soil is with a quality vacuum that produces high airflow and has exceptional filtration so as not to re-distribute the soil.

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